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Well well. Um. Today suxed. I remembered that Anti-flag was playing tonight. Which I WAS going to go to but the fucking ticket master is all fucked up and it wasnt even showing them playing at the place. I hate this. I'm sitting here thinking I could be there. This fucking sux. My dad got home and started yelling at me again. Not to my brother and sisters but to me. It's so depressing. I cant stop listening to this song. I like it. But that's not the point. I'm depressed again. I knew I couldnt last so long. I had been like a month. I'm surprized I lasted that long. But it's back. So I guess I will have to go through everything again. Great. I was looking at hot topic. I guess I will post everything I'm getting cuz I dont have a life and you know. Fun shit. Um. I'm bored so yeah. I'm going now nice update. Sumone spam my LJ! *LOL* Keep my mind off anti-flag..

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To add to all the other ones...


Everyone knows what I feel bout love so yeah. It says love bites.

That chic is REALLY ugly but you know. That :D I wanted that really bad!!
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